2020 BMXNT Team Members


Mickayla Perkins

Matthew Winter

Cale Maurice

Lauren Winter

Zane Henderson

Luke Holder

Reece Cole


The BMXNT team intends to support athletes, who have demonstrated their potential to achieve BMXA Benchmarks, to develop their skills and become eligible for selection into the BMXA Talented Athlete Program and BMXA National Team.



The State Team is open to NT based riders aged 13 to Elite that hold a current BMXA open membership and are a member of an NT Club.

Athletes wishing to be considered must commit to:

  • Competing in BMXNT Titles
  • Competing in BMXA National Series Rounds
  • Competing in BMXA National Championship.
  • Attending training camps as outlined by the BMXNT Coach.
  • Attending testing sessions as outlined by the BMXNT Coach.
  • Attending meetings as required by the BMXNT Coach.
  • Showing a commitment toward their own development.
  • Showing commitment to Coaches directions and being respectful to all coaches and officials.
  • Approaching all training and testing sessions with enthusiasm.
  • Displaying a professional and sportsman like manner at all times.
  • Keeping an up to date training record as required by the BMXNT Coach.
  • Responding to ALL communications by the BMXNT Coach or BMXNT in a timely and polite manner.
  • Adhering to the NT Team “Code of Conduct”.
  • Abiding by the BMXA Anti-Doping, World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) policies.


There are many benefits associated with selection to the NT Team including:

  • Access to individually tailored training programs.
  • Structured training sessions designed by the BMXNT NT Coach.
  • Invitation to two BMXNT training camps per year.
  • Opportunity for access to BMXA pathways.
  • Educational lectures (e.g.: strength and conditioning, nutrition, psychology).
  • Represent the Northern Territory at the National Series and National Championship.
  • Provision of an exclusive NT Team Jersey.
  • Recognition within the BMXNT community.
  • Opportunity for invitation to National Training camps/sessions.
  • Support whilst competing (National Series and BMXA National Championships)






Athletes may be selected from the 13, 14, 15 and 16-year age challenge, Junior Elite and Elite categories (year of birth). The following points will be considered when selecting Athletes for the team.


  • Whether an athlete is committed to travel and participate in the next event or qualify in the National Series.
  • Data from current National or World Championships performance.
  • Results from other representational events may be also considered dependent on the age of the athlete including, but not limited to the BMXNT Titles, BMXA National Series BMXA National Championships.


The following factors will be taken into consideration when assessing an athlete’s performance from the competitions above:


· Race placing at National and State events.

· Performances obtained most recently

· Consistency in results and ability to repeat results and deliver performances under pressure

· Race speeds, rider splits and time comparisons.

  Selection priority will be given to results within the BMX 20” classes.

  •   Injury, illness, or recovery related to results/rankings will be considered when identifying athletes against the above selection criteria.

  The selection criterion is subject to change at the discretion of the BMXNT Board.




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