What is BMX?

BMX (Bicyclye Moto Cross) is one of the fastest growing sports in Australia. It is one of the only sports where total family participation can take place. BMX is not only a sport for boys and dads, Girls and mums can also race and enjoy competitions throughout Australia in age groups from 2 to 50+. 

The sport of BMX racing ranges from Club level right through to State, National and World Championship level for all ages. BMX is also an Olympic sport! Any rider has the chance to ride at National Championships and compete in World Championships.



BMX Northern Territory (BMXNT) is the peak sporting body for the sport of BMX in the Northern Territory. 

BMXNT currently has over 700 members from 6 affiliated member clubs throughout the Territory.

Our clubs host regular training and race gatherings and meet annually at the BMXNT State Titles in October of each year.


A Message from the BMXA Chairman in 2018

BMX in the NT is thriving – no other way of putting it. While you are all out riding your bikes, watching racing and having a great time, some of us sit in the backrooms and study numbers (which I can tell you is not exciting at all). But the numbers don’t lie and they show that the NT is the place of pace in the Australian BMX scene.

So why is that? Is it the weather, or the roof? No, I believe it’s the community heart and soul that shines through from everyone in the Territory. BMX Australia were lucky enough to come up to Satellite City for a National Series round this year and everyone (and I mean everyone) had a great time of it – all made to feel welcome and relaxed by the fantastic folk of the NT.


“BMX in the NT is thriving – no other way of putting it.”


There is no one individual in the NT who can make all the difference. Some come close (Kylee, Jason and the NT board quickly come to mind) but no sport will grow if the people involved do not make their sport a great place to be for members – especially new members.

To the BMX Community of the Northern Territory – keep on making the NT the best place to ride BMX in Australia.


Neil Cameron

BMX Australia Chairman











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